Rumored Buzz on Sexy Lingerie

skittle: An extremely inconspicuous act of revenge that leads to no actual hurt carried out, but Even so gives the individual trying to find revenge with a way of gratification. Case in point: Tom forgot to take the trash out, so I left him a skittle--I moved the bookmark 7 web pages during the ebook he's examining.

shoop: 1 sheep. As in one goose and lots of geese. A herd of sheep is okay, however it doesn't sound right to convey Take a look at that sheep! Instance: Check out all Those people sheep! Examine that little shoop over there standing on its own!

serfitude: A capture-all describing both equally Individuals classified below serfdom and likewise servitude. Example: The peasants revolted against their awful state of serfitude.

shagtastic: immensely fantastic seeking, generally employed to describe member of reverse sex for which Actual physical sights exists Illustration: You happen to be wanting simply just shagtastic.

Skerfie: The point out of currently being unshaven and looking for a shower. Example: Paul, go shower and shave before you decide to leave your house--you're looking fairly skerfie.

see a Motion picture or go to a club where very few men and women had revealed up: Are you kidding? There was like, sixteen persons there. Illustration: Odd the bar need to be so Twitter sixteened over a friday night time.

screwtinization: When they dig throughout the minutiae of your lifetime so as to get you for something. Case in point: She was an awesome prospect for your Supreme Courtroom right up until she was screwtinized.

sansipent: The relief of knowing a Bjork music so effectively which you could Engage in it in your head from start off to complete. Illustration: Lady: (Buzzing final notes of Joga.)

sewup: The stitched seams on the teddy bear. Instance: The antique bears had been in fantastic problem, apart from some torn sewup.

schmangled: To get absolutely and utterely smashed mainly because of the mass intake of Alcoholic beverages Case in point: I used to be Definitely schmangled.

sea monster: Drunk Female that sits for the bar and talks smack about other women. Example: That sea monster's starin' me down.

Scallage: The layer of grime that is discovered on a night club or pub floor produced up of any amount of various substances. Illustration: My trousers are a multitude, I have been sitting in scallage all night.

skeptimistic: Skeptical + optimistic. Optimistic, but with a little bit of skepticism thrown in. Illustration: Our staff's very good, but I am a tiny bit skeptimistic regarding their chances of beating Jenks.

Scritchy: Just how a person's face feels when he hasn't shaved in about per day. Example: Though Todd was on holiday, he Allow his deal with get scritchy.

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